“Bionic Health is the perfect compliment to my training program.

Get a total health evaluation, and personalized action plan, so you can perform at your best - at work, at home, and with me at the gym.”
PHIT Personal Training

Have a physician assess your baseline health, then optimize & thrive.

Maximize performance, appearance and overall health with the Bionic Physician Baseline. Get proactive longevity medicine from doctors using the latest technology.
Advanced lab work (45+ biomarkers)
Personalized holistic action plan
Custom prescriptions & supplements
Analysis of wearable data & historical labs
Unlimited care team messaging
HSA/FSA accepted
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1 year full money-back guarantee
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How Bionic Health works


Personalized Assessment

Begin your journey with our comprehensive health assessment. We use a single blood draw to test more biomarkers than primary care, and use a questionnaire to learn about your lifestyle, family medical history, and personal goals.

Tailored Health Plan

Based on your assessment, you’ll receive a personalized health plan. This includes recommendations on diet, exercise, stress management, and more. We even have the ability to prescribe medication, supplements & the latest in medical technology.

Ongoing Support and Tracking

Utilize our user-friendly app to track your progress. Schedule virtual consultations with our health experts, access fitness and nutrition guides, and chat with your care team at any time.

Continuous Improvement

As your life evolves, so will your health needs. We’re here to adjust your plan accordingly, offering new resources, updated advice, and ongoing assessments to ensure you’re always on the right track for your health and wellness goals.

The best value in longevity medicine

Comprehensive lab testing
$285 value
Far more than your annual checkup, our board-certified physicians review over 45 key biomarkers to assess your health.
1:1 expert physician consultation
$499 value
Meet virtually for a 1 hour one-on-one consultation with a Bionic Health physician. Review your personalized report and action plan.
Longevity assessment & action plan
$150 value
Understand your risk for the top causes of preventable death, and get a personalized action plan to live healthier longer.
Prescription medication
If you’ve been curious about whether GLP-1’s, HRT, or metformin is right for you, our doctors provide clinical guidance on the latest longevity medicine.
Individualized supplement recommendations
35% off
Get personalized supplement recommendations, and a 35% discount from Thorne, a trusted supplier, directly to you. Cost of supplements not included.
Personalized diet & exercise plan
$199 value
Our care teams include certified dietitians and personal trainers who will work closely to develop a plan you can stick to.
Analysis of wearable data & historical labs
$299 value
Upload any health data you’ve got to your profile and have it included in the analysis of your latest labs.
Unlimited care team messaging
$299 value
Ask us any question, any time with the Bionic Health mobile app. Your care team is here to help you meet your goals.
HSA/FSA accepted
Start Today - Risk Free!
1 year full money-back guarantee
One-time fee. Includes platform access for one year.