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The Bionic Journey

Your health journey is unique. Our clinical team has designed an innovative approach that starts with chronic disease prevention in our Baseline Module, and then optimizes your health by allowing you to choose additional modules that dive deeper in the most relevant areas for you.

Bionic Health Modules

Your Bionic Baseline

Bionic Baseline is a meticulously designed initiative that aims to capture a 360-degree view of your current health status.

We focus on 3 major threats to global health - vascular disease, metabolic disease, and sarcopenia. To evaluate, we obtain a comprehensive biomarker analysis – much more than you would receive at a typical annual check-up visit.

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Additional Modules

The best of medicine with the latest technology.
With the rapid progress of longevity medicine and the explosion of personal health data, doctors need help. That's where our AI comes in.

Our doctors leverage machine learning to understand the vast amount of data we collect on our members and together deliver the best possible care. Humans and software working together—the way it should be.

You're in good hands

We have board certified physicians with advanced training in in longevity and metabolic medicine, nutrition, and health optimization.
Your health coach is dedicated to keeping you on track and easing lifestyle changes that will improve your movement, nutrition, sleep, and stress management.
Care Managers
Your care manager makes sure things run smoothly with scheduling, coordinating labs and answering questions.

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