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Get personalized preventative medicine delivered by doctors using the latest tech
FSA & HSA eligible

Your health deserves more than an annual checkup

Comprehensive testing

Utilize wearables, labwork, DEXA scans, glucose monitoring & more

Clinical insights

Get analysis by physicians & ongoing care team support

Personalized plan

Recommendations for medication, supplements, diet & exercise

Join a growing community that prioritizes health

"The best part has been getting a full assessment of my health and a plan for making things better. I am already feeling stronger and healthier, and I have a plan to stay on top of it."
Jennifer, 37
Raleigh, NC
"Already, after the first module, I got labs and a report back - it was such a game changer! Joining Bionic Health is the best thing I’ve ever done for my health."
Chris, 52
Chapel Hill, NC
"It is invaluable to have an expert team provide you with actionable recommendations for living longer and living better."
Andrew, 45
Durham, NC

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The best of medicine meets the latest technology

Get a team of board-certified physicians, Bionic Advisors & wellness experts working together to optimize your health.
“We started Bionic Health to enable optimal health for all. We're excited to be working on the future of AI and medicine to deliver the best in personalized preventative care.”
Dr. Jared Pelo
Chief Medical Officer, Bionic Health

Assess your baseline health, then go deep with specialized modules

Your Journey starts with the Bionic Baseline module, then focuses on what's relevant to your unique situation.

Prioritize your health today

The best time to start was probably years ago, but the next best time is today.
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