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Frequently Asked Questions

How does membership work?
Our clinical team has designed an innovative approach that starts with chronic disease prevention and optimization in our Baseline Module, and then allows you to choose additional modules that dive deeper in the most relevant areas for you.

You will repeat the Baseline module every 6 months for follow up labs to measure your progress and remain vigilant for any changes. Our Premium and Ultimate membership levels include additional modules at reduced rates. If you select a Core membership and want to add-on modules later, contact us at
How does Bionic bill members?
Bionic memberships are annual plans paid up front. We will contact you a month before your annual plan ends with options for renewal.
What is NOT included with my membership?
- Specialty testing beyond what we've listed (e.g. whole body MRI)
- Medications and supplements
- Submission for personal insurance coverage and insurance reconciliation
Does insurance cover Bionic Health services? What about HSAs or FSAs?
Bionic Health membership is not a covered benefit under any insurance plans. We do not accept insurance currently. However, your insurance may pay for medications or tests ordered by your Bionic physician.

Payments from Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) or Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) are accepted.
What does the Physician Baseline include?
- Advanced lab work with a blood draw including 45+ biomarkers.
- Personalized holistic action plan including recommendations for prescriptions and supplements.
- Analysis of wearable data and historical labs.
- Platform access for one year (after one year, platform access is included with purchase of any module, monitoring labs, or $20/month).

Platform access includes:
- Unlimited care team messaging.
- Track your progress over time.
What is not included in Physician Baseline?
Not included are other tests or scans available in other focused modules like a DEXA body composition scan or a continuous glucose monitor.
Are prescriptions available with the Physician Baseline?
Yes, when medically appropriate with informed consent, Bionic physicians may provide medications including, but not limited to, these categories:

- Anti-hypertensive
- Cholesterol lowering
- Sexual health
- Weight loss
- Longevity medication under study

Some classes of medications may require multiple lab tests over time to diagnose and administer. For example, hormone replacement is available with an additional module.
Can Bionic Health be my primary care physician?
We recommend that our members maintain their existing primary care provider for local sick care, for example routine infections, rashes, and urgent undiagnosed concerns.  

Bionic Health covers preventive care and optimization, and will help you manage your overall health, including screenings, treatments, and providing referrals to specialists if needed. We follow our members closely, offering a more comprehensive approach with more frequent testing compared to traditional primary care providers.
Is my data secure?
Bionic Health stores all member data on HIPAA-compliant infrastructure. We use the latest encryption technology to ensure your data is secure in transit and at rest. We use the latest security protocols and testing to ensure your data will not be compromised. Please see our HIPAA Notice for more details.
What are the credentials of my Bionic clinician?
Our board-certified physicians are trained on the latest scientific research to ensure our treatment plans and protocols are evidence-based. Our advisory team includes domain experts in focused areas of health.
What is your refund and cancellation policy?
Reach out anytime, and we will do our best to find a remedy. Otherwise, if you aren’t satisfied after 3 months, we’ll offer a prorated refund. To cancel, contact our clinic team at
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