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The Bionic Journey

Everyone's health journey is unique. Our clinical team developed an innovative approach to health and longevity that is customized for you – your family history, your current biomarkers, and what optimal health means for you.  

Every member begins with a discovery phase that includes a detailed medical history, comprehensive bloodwork, and measurement of key biomarkers. Then our analysis produces insights on what makes you unique. A physician reviews your results and provides you with options for targeted interventions supported by the latest clinical evidence.  

Health encompasses many domains. We focus on the most critical aspects in our Bionic Baseline, and then provide additional modules that explore additional areas of health relevant to you.

Bionic Health Modules

Your Bionic Baseline

Bionic Baseline is a meticulously designed initiative that aims to capture a 360-degree view of your current health status.

We focus on 3 major threats to global health - vascular disease, metabolic disease, and muscle loss. To evaluate, we obtain a comprehensive biomarker analysis – much more than you would receive at a typical annual check-up visit.

Additional Modules
The best of medicine with the latest technology.
With the rapid progress of longevity medicine and the explosion of personal health data, doctors need help. That's where our AI comes in.

Our doctors leverage machine learning to understand the vast amount of data we collect on our members and together deliver the best possible care. Humans and software working together—the way it should be.

You're in good hands

We have board certified physicians with advanced training in in longevity and metabolic medicine, nutrition, and health optimization.
Bionic Advisors
Your health coach is dedicated to keeping you on track and easing lifestyle changes that will improve your movement, nutrition, sleep, and stress management.

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Health & Wellness Experts
The Bionic Journey is crafted with insights from a distinguished panel of advisors and scholars.
Clinical Team
Dr. Jared Pelo
Chief Medical Officer
Dr. Jared Pelo, MD, FACEP, is a co-founder of Bionic Health, an innovator at the forefront of integrating AI and precision medicine to advance preventive healthcare.
Member Testimonials
What our members are saying...
Bionic Health has helped me make so many positive changes, but most importantly they have helped me understand my health and wellness more completely than I could have imagined. It is invaluable to have an expert team look at every aspect of your body - from hormones and glucose levels to sleep and flexibility - and everything in between - and provide you with precise, research-backed, actionable recommendations for living longer and living better.
Durham resident, 47

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