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Experience the real support of our Bionic Advisors

Discover the difference a true partner can make in your health journey. Our Bionic Advisors provide personalized support through virtual sessions and messaging.

At your pace, on your terms: Whether you prefer frequent guidance or occasional accountability checks, our Bionic Advisors fit seamlessly into your busy schedule.

Enjoy a truly personalized health journey designed around your lifestyle and preferences.
What is a Bionic Advisor?
A Bionic Advisor is a professional health coach who partners with members to achieve specific health goals, as defined by our physicians. It starts with an introductory session to ensure we understand your health history. Then they provide one-on-one sessions and messaging support, focusing on measurable health targets rather than vague objectives. They tailor their approach to each member's unique health journey, offering personalized support plans and flexible engagement options.
What training do they have?
The Bionic Advisor team is highly qualified, with certifications in health and wellness coaching, nutrition, and personal fitness training. This diverse expertise equips them to offer comprehensive support in various aspects of health and wellness. They are national board-certified coaches, ensuring a high standard of knowledge and practice in their field.
What techniques do they use?
These advisors employ techniques such as motivational interviewing and strengths-based coaching. They focus on developing self-awareness, insights, and your personal strengths, fostering lasting behavior changes. Bionic Advisors cover a wide range of wellness topics, including sleep, exercise, stress management, nutrition, chronic conditions, and overall wellbeing, using a holistic approach to health.

How do I make the most of this resource?

Get your questions answered
Bionic Health provides an easy-to-use chat app, encouraging open communication. Don't hesitate to ask questions about your health, the program, or specific recommendations - we are here to help and clarify.
Let us know your preferences
Your Advisor will inquire about your preferred methods and frequency of communication. Be vocal about what works best for you and feel free to notify them of any changes in your preferences. A monthly accountability check might be the right fit or you may want more focused support to break through on a specific challenge.
Engage regularly and be yourself
Our Advisors strive to be non-judgemental – life is messy and health journeys have ups and downs. Regular engagement with your Bionic Advisor can help ensure the overall long-term trend is positive. Be honest about your challenges, successes, and don’t stress about being “always on” or things like typos.

Meet our Advisors

Clinical Team
Anna Simmons
Bionic Advisor
Anna Simmons is a certified health coach, personal trainer, and nutrition coach, and has 7 years of experience working in coaching and fitness. She is passionate about helping others reach their full potential.
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