Bionic Score

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Bionic Score Overview

Bionic Score is a proprietary score from 0 to 100 that reflects your progress as you uncover more biomarkers and move biomarkers into optimal ranges for you. Expect a score that starts low and improves over time.

Why we like it

Progress on one’s health journey is rarely a straight line. It’s helpful to have a way to visualize your progress at a glance. Simple scores can remind us how far we’ve come and reinforce that progress, no matter how small, is important.  It’s nice to have a score that always increases, at least a little, when you measure a new biomarker - no matter what the value. Knowledge is power. The score gets even better as you update existing biomarkers closer to optimal values.


Although this score’s components include biomarkers and ranges that have scientific support, this score doesn’t tell you anything about your risk for a particular disease, rule out any conditions, or indicate that you will necessarily live longer. It’s a measure of progress that helps motivate and can spur useful conversations.