Bionic Beat v3: Biomarkers

Bionic Beat v3: Biomarkers

March 8, 2024
Jared Pelo
Jared Pelo
Chief Medical Officer
Bionic Beat v3: Biomarkers

Bionic Beat v3: Biomarkers

Let's talk biomarkers.

At Bionic Health, we feel the most important biomarkers are those that help you understand where you are now and help us plan together where you want to go.

We check biomarkers that you’ve probably never heard of and never had checked previously.

In this week's newsletter, we'll dive deeper on three of my favorites. 

VO2 max: the master biomarker

You may not think of VO2 max as a biomarker, but there is no other measure that tells us as much about how healthy you are and your likelihood of healthy years ahead.

Strength is just behind this. That’s why we recommend this type of testing and make it easy to be tested.

Check out this study if you want to dig deeper:

Association of Cardiorespiratory Fitness With Long-term Mortality Among Adults Undergoing Exercise Treadmill Testing

Or watch Dr. Peter Attia in this video:

Lp(a) is a hidden killer

Lipoprotein 'little a' abbreviated Lp(a) is a hidden killer and not many people have had it checked. Around 10-20% of the population have genes that increase their levels of Lp(a) which doubles their risk for a heart attack. 

This study showed less than 1% of adults get tested: Lipoprotein(a) Testing Trends in a Large Academic Health System in the United States

We found 15% of our members have elevated levels and work with them to decrease their risk of heart attacks and strokes.  

Here is a great overview of Lp(a) from a cardiologist.

The Heart Doctor explains Lp(a)

Cholesterol Balance from Boston Heart Lab

Why do I have two lipid tests in this newsletter? Because heart disease continues to be the number one killer of all people in the US and Europe.

We can prevent heart disease. One way is to understand if your body makes too many lipoproteins (cholesterol) or if it reabsorbs too much.

The cholesterol balance test gives us that answer and allows us to practice true precision medicine.  

This short video gives a great explanation of cholesterol absorption and production. 

Are you a cholesterol hyper absorber?

Expanded member benefit

Lastly, we are extremely excited to share that we expanded our supplement discount to 35% off all supplements from Fullscript with a wider selection from the top manufacturers.

We are constantly working to get better deals for our members. Expect more benefits in different categories coming soon.