Bionic Beat v8:  Cognitive Health

Bionic Beat v8: Cognitive Health

May 17, 2024
Jared Pelo
Jared Pelo
Chief Medical Officer
Bionic Beat v8: Cognitive Health

The Bionic Beat v8: Cognitive Health

When I share my passion for longevity and healthspan with others, a common concern I hear is, "I wouldn't want to live longer if my brain isn't functioning well." It is a valid point. Quality of life is just as important as quantity, and a healthy brain is crucial for enjoying our later years.  

In this newsletter, we will explore three key aspects of brain health: the role of genetics in dementia, the importance of the Omega-3 Index, and how challenging your brain through learning can help keep your mind sharp.

But first, a quick product announcement!

Your Biomarker Dashboard is now live!

We’re excited to announce that the new biomarker dashboard with scores and biological age is now available to all members.

Make sure you have the latest app update, swipe the score in the center to see more, and tap the ? icon above each score to see our explanations for each.

We’re launching with support for blood-based biomarkers with more observation types to come soon.

Predicting Alzheimer's

Recent studies have highlighted the gene ApoE, particularly its variant number 4, which is known to increase the risk of Alzheimer's Dementia (AD).

If you have two of these variants, your lifetime risk of cognitive impairment or dementia rises to 30-67%.

But genetics is only part of the story; our lifestyle choices matter significantly. That is why we are developing our genetics module, to provide people with the information they need to improve their odds.

Here is the citation to the most recent paper. Despite its daunting findings, it provides valuable insights:

APOE4 homozygozity represents a distinct genetic form of Alzheimer’s disease | Nature Medicine

You can also watch my take on the paper and why biologic diagnosis of something is different from clinical diagnosis.

Here is a short video from Jared talking about his take on the paper and why biologic diagnosis of something is different from clinical diagnosis.

The Omega-3 Index

We check many biomarkers, some extremely specific to body systems and others important for multiple systems.

The Omega-3 Index is one such critical biomarker, essential for overall health, heart health, and especially brain health. Unfortunately, it is often overlooked by regular doctors.

Watch this clip from Dr. Bill Harris, the foremost expert on the Omega-3 Index, discussing its relevance to brain health:

Additionally, here is a video where I talk about one of my favorite papers on the Omega-3 Index and dementia:

Exercising your brain

We have discussed the benefits of exercise for mental health in past newsletters, emphasizing its importance for brain health.

A more intriguing question is whether you can directly exercise the brain through learning.

The answer is yes. Much like physical exercise, stimulating your brain and building new neural pathways helps maintain brain health.

Check out this lecture by Neurologist Josh Turknett from Emory Medical School, explaining the best ways to train your brain and why learning an instrument might be beneficial at any age:

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