Using your Blood Pressure Monitor

Here are instructions to measure your blood pressure and upload the data from Omron to the Bionic Health app.  Choose the .csv format.

If you are using a different method to measure your blood pressure, upload those results using steps 5 and 6. We support other commonly-used file formats for BP data including photos.

Exporting and importing your blood pressure data

Step 1
Open the Omron App and tap the Share button in the upper right.

Step 2
Remove Activity & Weight data and select the appropriate date range. Select the .CSV format. Then, tap Show Report

Step 3
While viewing the full page report preview, tap the Share button in the upper right. Select Save to Files to save your BP data to your device.

Step 4
Close the Omron app and open the Bionic Health mobile app.

Step 5
Navigate to your profile by tapping your initials in the upper right. Tap the Health Data tile to open that page.

Step 6
Tap the Upload health data button at the top of the page, and select your BP data from the files shown.