Truely personalized healthcare

Advanced clinical insights and a personalized action plan that fits your busy lifestyle. Only $599. FSA & HSA accepted.

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100 NPS from Bionic members
Truely personalized healthcare

More than your annual check-up

Instead of the usual rushed 10 minutes, our doctors spend an average of one hour at your first appointment to make sure you stay ahead of aging.

Our recommendations are informed by the latest testing, including DEXA scans, CGM, and VO2 max testing.

No waiting rooms, no generic handouts, all personalized, proactive care in our app at your convenience.

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More than your annual check-up

Personalized health optimization

Start with a comprehensive baseline – much more than the regular annual checkup.

Find out what makes you unique with 45+ biomarkers, and receive a proactive plan with options for lifestyle interventions, supplements, and medication.

Just $599 – you can use your HSA or FSA.

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Personalized health optimization
"The best part has been getting a full assessment of my health and a plan for making things better. I am already feeling stronger and healthier, and I have a plan to stay on top of it."
Corporate attorney, 38
“Already, I got labs back - it was such a game changer! Joining Bionic Health is the best thing I’ve ever done for my health.“
Commercial real estate partner, 44
“It is invaluable to have an expert team provide you with actionable recommendations for living longer and living better.“
Cofounder, 45
“I thought my Pelton or Tonal was the best purchase I ever made for my health. This is even more important.”
Venture investor, 55
“The doctor was actually waiting for me for a change, and we ended up going beyond the time, which was amazing. It was the most thorough explanation of my health I've ever received in my life.”
Consultant, 40
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