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Cancer Risk

Know your cancer risk and focus on early detection & prevention
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Why Prioritize Cancer Risk Assessment?

Our primary goal with the Cancer Risk Assessment Module is to empower you with a comprehensive understanding of your cancer risks, focusing on early detection and prevention. Cancer is a leading cause of mortality globally, and early identification of risk factors can be pivotal in effective management and prevention.

Cancer risk is multifactorial, influenced by genetics, lifestyle, and environmental factors. Our module offers personalized insights, bridging the gap often found in conventional healthcare approaches, and provides a targeted strategy for cancer prevention based on your unique profile.

What Value Do I Receive?

By participating in this module, you'll gain a detailed understanding of your personal cancer risks. This empowers you to take proactive steps in your health journey, potentially reducing the risk of developing cancer and enhancing your overall quality of life.

Which tests are performed?

We conduct an array of assessments to determine your cancer risks, including:

- Personal and family medical history reviews.
- Annual FIT test(colon cancer screening) when not getting a colonoscopy.  
- Genetic testing for predispositions to various cancers (with purchase of the genetics module).
- Screening schedule as per guidelines, tailored to your individual risk profile (such as mammograms for breast cancer, colonoscopies for colorectal cancer, and low-dose CT scans for lung cancer in smokers).
- Discussion around and ordering of more advanced cancer screening technology like a liquid biopsy and or full body MRI.

What are Typical Recommendations?

Based on your assessment, we provide personalized recommendations, such as:

- Lifestyle modifications to reduce cancer risks (e.g., diet, exercise, smoking cessation).
- Regular, tailored screening schedules for early detection of cancer.
- Preventive interventions, including vaccines and pharmacological agents where appropriate.

Is This for Me?

This module is designed for anyone who wants to take an informed and proactive approach to their cancer risk. It is particularly beneficial for individuals with a family history of cancer or other risk factors. Through this module, you'll gain valuable insights into your cancer risks and learn how to effectively manage them.

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