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Cognitive Health

Personalized preventative steps against Alzheimer's and dementia
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Why take a closer look at COGNITIVE HEALTH?

Our mission is to enhance and preserve your cognitive abilities, safeguarding you against disorders such as Alzheimer's and dementia. This module offers a comprehensive approach to cognitive health, employing cutting-edge analysis and personalized strategies that profoundly impact your life's journey.

Cognitive decline is a critical global health issue, often leading to significant life changes and dependencies. Like the gradual fading of memories and skills, cognitive disorders develop silently, making early detection and intervention key.

What Value Will I Receive?

You gain a holistic understanding of cognitive health, along with personalized insights and strategies for maintaining cognitive function. Our module equips you with the knowledge to proactively manage and optimize your cognitive wellness, ensuring a life of mental clarity, creativity, and fulfillment.

Which tests are performed?

We conduct an array of cognitive function tests and memory assessments, complemented by laboratory analyses focusing on blood-brain barrier integrity and neurodegenerative markers like beta-amyloid and Tau proteins. For those opting for it, neuroimaging scans like MRI and PET offer deeper insights.

What are Typical Recommendations?

Personalized dementia prevention plans are at the core of our recommendations. These include lifestyle modifications for improved brain health, such as optimized nutrition, sleep, and stress management. We may also suggest beneficial supplements like DHA, CoQ10, creatine, and B vitamins. In certain high-risk cases, after a thorough evaluation, medications used off label for dementia prevention may be discussed.

Is This for Me?

The Cognitive Health Module is for anyone looking to proactively manage and protect their cognitive health. Whether you're seeking to understand your cognitive profile, mitigate the risk of cognitive decline, or simply enhance your mental resilience, this module is an invaluable resource for a healthier, more cognitively vibrant life.

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