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Physical Performance

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Note: The Physical Performance module is completed in-person and only available in The Triangle with other major metros to follow soon.
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Why take a closer look at your physical performance?

Our mission is to optimize your physical performance, which is a key aspect of health and longevity. Exercise, backed by extensive scientific evidence, has wellness benefits far beyond stronger muscles including benefits for disease prevention, mental health, and emotional health. Targeted, goal-oriented training, tailored to your unique physiology and objectives, is perhaps the most significant thing you can do to improve your health. Whether your aim is strength, endurance, power, or flexibility, we provide the tools and guidance for measurable progress, fostering a healthier, more balanced life.

Which tests are performed?

We perform a comprehensive set of tests, including VO2 max, grip strength, vertical jump, bench press, push-ups, and leg press. These tests, combined with an evaluation of your personal fitness goals and lifestyle, provide a detailed picture of your physical performance.

Biomarkers assessed in the Physical Performance module
Assessed individually:
• VO2 max
• Mobility
• B press
• Push-ups
• Vertical jump
• Grip strength
What sorts of personalized treatments do you recommend?

Your personalized profile serves as a roadmap, pointing out potential areas of concern and serving as the basis for targeted health strategies. We may recommend physical performance interventions like:

- Custom training plans tailored to your current fitness, goals, preferences, and needs.
- Video guides demonstrating proper technique to maximize safety and results.
- Targeted nutritional supplements to complement your exercise regime, such as protein for muscle recovery, creatine for power, calcium, vitamin K and vitamin D for bone health.

These personalized plans aim to optimize physical performance parameters, enable better disease prevention, and foster a healthier, more balanced life. Your advisor will be there to help put them into practice for your lifestyle and hold you accountable in your personalized plan.

At the conclusion of this module, you will be on a new lifelong path for better physical performance focusing on the right areas to improve your health for the long-term.

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